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The Travellers Pack is an attempt to create a number of full featured NPC’s with banters, friendships, and possibly romances. Depending on how things progress this may also include quests for the NPC’s as well.

The choice was made to develop this pack for Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition following the slow progress of the adaptation of the BG1NPC Project to BG:EE. Rather than duplicate the work of the BG1NPC pack, the decision was made to make all new NPC’s instead.

The goal is to add in the additional life and immersion that comes with the BG2 style NPC’s into BG1. This pack will unfortunately not include voiceovers, custom music, or portraits.

Ceirawyn = Female Dwarf Dwarven Defender(Fighter), LN. In Planning.
Graelyn – Male Human Cleric, LN. In Planning.
Luka Wyvernstriker – Male Human Wizard, CG. In Development.
Wakkander – Male Half-Elf Cleric/Wizard, NG. In Planning.
[[]] – Female ? Dragon Disciple(Sorceror), CN. In Planning.
[[]] – Female Human Undead Hunter(Paladin), LG. In Planning.
[[]] – Female Elf Archer(Ranger), CG. In Planning.
[[]] – Female Gnome Illusionist/Thief, CN. In Planning.
[[]] – Male Half-Elf Totemic Druid, TN. In Planning.
[[]] – Male Halfling Fighter/Thief, NG. In Planning.

Guides, Tutorials, and Tools
My Guide (WIP as I learn)

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Main Page

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