Luka Wyvernstriker

Luka Wyvernstriker is a Male Human Generalist Wizard NPC that is friendship-able but not presently planned to be romance-able.

In character on the surface he is a braggart, often a drunkard, and quite sure of his own abilities. A little deeper he is intelligent and wise, but prefers people to think him the fool.


Luka is based on a second edition earth wizard named Lughaidh (Pronounced Luka, thus the name shift) from the Moonshaes. He was always a favorite, and so I kept using him between several short campaigns. Noteworthy was the fact that he was exceptionally lucky, who despite telling tall tales would on occasion through dumb luck actually manage back up his boasts. Such as rolling several natural 20s in a row to kill a wyvern boss by punching it, as a wizard.

Planned Features

Introduction Quest
Friendtalk, 6-7 discussions with the PC.
Banter with other BG-TP NPC’s.
Interjections at relevant plot points in BG1.


Found at the Ulcaster Ruin Dungeons, he starts at level 3, has a unique amulet similar to Edwins, mostly to account for the class (Earth Wizard) not present in the game. He also has Wyvern Scale robes, which provide a -1 to AC.

Luka Wyvernstriker

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